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The house has a view ‐ Raising the bar and leading by doing

The house has a view – Three films produced by Thought Leader Global (TLG) curated by
Storebrand Asset Management
A three part short film series about a journey with purpose at the core. It is widely recognized that
finance plays an important role in the transition to a more sustainable future and world economy.
Management of pension saving are key as pension funds account for half of all invested capital

As the consciousness around the state of the planet is rising, it is important to have the relevant
information and correct understanding when investment decisions are made – as well as the
comprehension of how investments contribute to change through exclusions, investments in
solutions and active engagement. The house has a view is an empowered foundation, where it is a
conscious choice to have an outward view. It is no longer a voluntary act for corporations to bring
attention to this matter. It is about the social license to operate and the right thing to do. It is also
the smart thing to do. Sustainable solutions are not merely good for the world; they are also good for
the companies that bring them to the market. In the second part, TLG explore stories of projects and
companies with a clear vision to incorporate the Sustainable Development Goals ‐ the SDG's ‐ by
2030. Smart cities and climate efforts are some of the key examples explored. This will form
examples of how to capture opportunities and avoid inherent risks. It is about raising the bar and
leading by doing!

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