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The house has a view ‐ Looking to the future

The house has a view – Three films produced by Thought Leader Global (TLG) curated by
Storebrand Asset Management
A three part short film series about a journey with purpose at the core. It is widely recognized that
finance plays an important role in the transition to a more sustainable future and world economy.
Management of pension saving are key as pension funds account for half of all invested capital

The third and last part of the film series, is looking to the future and the next generation. Diversity in
company management and at board level is key to a more inclusive and sustainable growth. Focus on
youth and inclusion at a global and social level will not only provide a more balanced growth model,
but it clearly unleashes a significant growth potential using modern technology. By interviewing
leading and diverse voices and initiatives – TLG will look at projects spearheading this movement.